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Louie Louie Records


Concept:  A very low-budget record label devoted exclusively to releasing versions of Louie Louie.  There would be no illusions about this being a profitable venture.  The goals would be to get Louie Louie versions out there, give exposure to bands that play and record Louie Louie, and help Louie Louie surpass "Yesterday" as the most recorded song.

Ideas for CD releases:

  1. Invite bands to send in tapes for just random compilation releases. Include an open invitation on the website to submit versions, and proactively contact bands that we may be aware of as having unreleased versions already recorded.
    • Some of the releases could have themes, such as a regional focus, or a CD of foreign language versions.
  2. A series of CDs featuring KFJC exclusives from the 1983 Maximum Louie Louie marathon.  Stretch could write the liner notes.  Contact E.P. about his plans for releasing this material.  This could actually be the release that gets the label going.  Would need to investigate what kinds of permissions would be needed from KFJC and/or the individual artists.
  3. A series of CDs featuring Louie Louie versions by wedding bands in a certain region.  Almost every wedding band that plays any rock 'n roll has Louie Louie on its play list.  Could distribute the CDs through bridal shops, wedding planners, etc.  The concept would be a way for couples to compare several wedding bands from their area by hearing them each play the same song (allowing them to "compare apples to apples").  And the choice of Louie Louie for that purpose is ideal because it is well known, it epitomizes parties and celebrations, and it is a great song for dancing..
  4. A series of CDs featuring marching band versions.  Perhaps regionally.  Both high school and college bands could be approached.
  5. A CD featuring previously unreleased versions by Northwest bands of the 60's.  Louie Louie was on the play list of just about every Northwest band of that era, and the better known versions are what made the song so prominent. 
  6. A CD or series of CDs featuring the best of Karaoke versions.  We could make arrangements with one or more Karaoke bars to have a "Louie Louie night," with a contest where all the participants would have to sign a release to permit their performance to be published. 
    • Those that win the awards for the best performance of Louie Louie would be guaranteed to have their performances included on the CDs. 
    • In order to keep all the versions from sounding the same, perhaps there could also be an award for the "most unusual," with the winners of that category also being included in the CDs. 
    • And the CDs could also include some of the worst versions (since the really bad is sometimes just as entertaining as the really good, as demonstrated by American Idol).
  7. A re-release of the Spanish compilation.  (this would be a lower priority, since these versions have been released already).  Contact the guy in Spain who did this originally.

Release schedule:  Generally aim to release about 5 or 6 discs per year, with approximately 15 to 20 versions on each disc.

Need to do:

  1. Investigate IP issues and whether any publisher royalties would have to be paid
  2. Draft contract / release for artists / rights holders to sign giving the label or its successors the non-exclusive, transferable, and royalty-free right to publish the works through CDs, the website, etc.
  3. Design website.
  4. Figure out how to incorporate, etc.