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Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis was written by Kerry Mills and Andrew B. Sterling circa 1904.  While popular at the turn of the century when it was written, it gained renewed popularity in 1944 when it was included in the soundtrack to the hit film "Meet me in St. Louis," staring Judy Garland, and was performed by Ms. Garland on radio programs through the late 40s - just a few years before Richard Berry composed Louie Louie. 

I have no evidence that this song is actually part of the Louie Louie story, other than the obvious similarity in the titles.  However, when sung, most performers pronounce "Louis" as "Louie," so this is the earliest known song in which the phrase "Louie Louie" can be heard.  Richard Berry acknowledged several songs as influences for Louie Louie -- including El Loco Cha Cha by Rene Touzet,  Havana Moon by Chuck Berry, and One For My Baby by Johnny Mercer -- and as far as I'm aware, he never mentioned Meet Me In St. Louis as an influence.   But I can't help but wonder if there may have been a conscious or subconscious influence in which this song may have lead Richard Berry to pick the name "Louie" as the name to be repeated in the chorus.  Obviously, this is nothing but speculation, and we'll never know for sure.

Artist Album Year Notes
Andrew Adair      
Don Bagley      
Eubie Blake      
Fred Burton      
Joan Carroll      
Chris Christian Organ Encores [Crown Records, CLP-5270]    
Cass Daley      
Bob Darch      
Robert DeCormier      
Mike DiNapoli and his Trio Percussion & Piano Honky Tonk [Directional Sound Records, DS 5005]    
Judy Garland   1944 Soundtrack from the 1944 film "Meet Me in St. Louis"
Larry Groce & the Disneyland Children's Sing Along Chorus Children's Favorite Songs, vol. 4 [Walt Disney Records, 60608-7] 1990 [H]
Hit Crew      
Curtis Jensen      
Ray Kennedy      
Lester Lanin Trio Dance to the Lester Lanin Beat, Vol. 10 [Epic, LN 3656] [LP]    
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians Auld Lang Syne   [H]
Mitch Miller Non Stop Singalong with Mitch [LP]    
Liza Minnelli Minnelli on Minnelli 2000 [H]
Miss Dorothy's Roaring 20's Band      
Tom Morrell      
Joan Morris & William Bolcom After the Ball 1976  
Billy Murray   1904  
Kevin Norton      
Dorothy O'Hara The Spirit of the Titanic [Retro Music, SHO19412] [1998] 1988 [H]
Robert Price      
The Sentimental Strings      
Willie Tyler      
Dick Westwood      
George Whiteman At the Hammond Organ [Crown Records, CST 438] [LP]    
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