Black Flag Versions
of Louie Louie

Studio Versions

Year Released Album Title Notes
1981 Louie Louie b/w Damaged "You know the pain / That's in my heart / It just shows / I'm not very smart / Who needs love / When you've got a gun / Who needs love / To have any fun."
1983 Everything Went Black Different lyrics


Live Versions



City / State / Country

Title of Official or Bootleg Release (and misc. notes)

22 July 1979 Pollywog Park Manhattan Beach, CA Keith Morris on vocals
04 Oct. 1980 North Park Lion's Club San Diego, CA some uncertainty about the date. 
04 July 1981 Stanley Theater Pittsburg, PA Live at the Stanley Theater (bootleg); Live Pain (bootleg CD on Lucky Discs -- venue listed as "The Electric Banana")
17 July 1981 The Starship Club Milwaukee, WI White Minority (bootleg LP on HC Live Classics, HCLC-105)
14 Jan. 1983 Mi Casita Torrance, CA Flipside Video Fanzine, vol. 1
13 Feb. 1983   Hannover, Germany [n] Live in Germany 1983
1 March 1983   Århus, Denmark  
14 May 1984 Marquee London [H]
12 June 1984 Markhalle Hamburg, Germany  
06 July 1984 Club Lingerie Hollywood, CA  
15 July 1984   Monterey, CA  
12 Aug. 1985 Desh Begat Temple Winnipeg, Canada Part of this concert is on the "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service" bootleg.
23 Aug. 1985 Starry Night Portland, Oregon Who's Got the 10½? (official release)
10 Apr. 1986 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ  
30 Apr. 1986 The Jockey Club Newport, Kentucky Muskrat Love (bootleg LP)
28 June 1986   Detroit, Michigan Last Show (bootleg CD on Hawk 065) (possibly 27 June)


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