Whatcom County Council
Whatcom County Washington

Resolution No. 85-12
Introduced on March 7, 1985
Proposed and introduced by Cole

A Memorial of the Whatcom County Council
to the Legislature of the State of Washington
to Proclaim "Louie Louie" as the Official
State Song

Whereas, the State of Washington needs a contemporary theme song that can be used to engender a sense of pride and community, in in the enhancement of tourism and economic development; and

Whereas, the "baby boom generation" has now come of age and constitutes a major target population for the attraction of tourism and is also an age group with increasing influence over economic decisions such as where to locate industrial and commercial expansion; and

Whereas, the State of Washington should find a unique means of endearing itself to this generation through an appropriate symbol of the Pacific Northwest quality of life; and

Whereas, the official state song is an appropriate symbol of our quality of life, provided that it has national appeal and recognition; and

Whereas, there is only one song that is well known to the "baby boomers" and which has been so intensively enjoyed by them for decades; and

Whereas, there is only one song that can adequately express the strength, character, creativity, and vitality of Washingtonians; and

Whereas, this important issue is under consideration by the Legislature now in session, at the instigation of the "Almost Live" television program; and

NOW, therefore, the Whatcom County Council hereby respectfully memorializes the Washington State Legislature to proclaim "Louie Louie" as the official song of the State of Washington; and

Be it further resolved that, should the Legislature in its wisdom create a new County, it should be named "Louie Louie" County; and

Be if finally resolved, that Governor Gardner is respectfully petitioned to take a public stand on this issue.

Passed the Council this 7th day of March, 1985


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