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On this page, I will occasionally post a version two of Louie Louie that you can download for your own collection.  I generally won't post legitimately released versions that are currently available for purchase, since I'd rather see people buy those and support the artists that choose to record Louie Louie. 

In the proud tradition of Louie Louie versions with unintelligible lyrics, here is a previously unreleased version of Louie Louie by my son, Nicholas Hintze.  It was recorded on 4 July 2003, two days before his second birthday - so he was technically still a 1-year-old.  And as far as I'm aware, it is the only known solo version by a 1-year old.  All of the vocals and instruments are by Nicholas.  I did the editing (mostly cutting out all of my prompting). 

Following up on the wild popularity of Nicholas's recording, I recently made some new recordings, which I edited down to two different versions. One is just Nicholas singing.  It lacks the instrumentation of the original, but now that he is three, it's a bit easier to understand the lyrics.

The second version is a duet by Nicholas and his younger brother Griffin (who was 18 months old at the time of the recording).  Basically, this is a re-edited version of the above recording, but with Griffin doing the "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" in the chorus, some babbling in the middle, and a little snippet of "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)."

Finally, I've put together a separate page containing a bunch of MIDI versions of Louie Louie


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