"Exercise" Versions of
Louie Louie

There have been a number of exercise / aerobic / workout tapes and CDs and videos that contain a version of Louie Louie.  Here is a partial list.

Name of Company Name of Artist Title & Catalog # Format Year Time BPM Notes
Denise Austin   TrimWalk cassette        
Disky Rhythm 2 Rhythm Beach Workout (DC 851312) CD 1998 4:20    
Power Music Bob McKoy Power Collection 1996 Step (1360-4) cassette 1996 5:01 128  
Power Productions   1960's Step (AA0102) cassette 1992 3:58 121  
Goodtimes Home Video Richard Simmons & the Sweatin' Band Sweatin To The Oldies 3 VHS 1993 4:00    
Ndeita   Oldies #1 Low Impact/Step or Floorwork cassette        


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