Have Love Will Travel

Another Richard Berry composition that's been widely covered.

Artist Album Year Notes
Joe Alcohol & The Hong Kong Knife Unfortunate Mother Fucker [7" EP]   [H]  EP also contains a version of Louie Louie
The Andrews Surfers Rip-Off!  [CD] [Drunkabilly, 990003] 2000 [H]  Belgian surf band
Asphalt Blaster Year of the Blaster [CD] 2004 [H]
The Basics Stand Out / Fit In  [CD] 2007 From Melbourne, Australia.
Stiv Bators LA, LA   [H]
Jim Belushi & Dan Aykroyd Have Love Will Travel: Big Men, Big Music [CD] 2003 [H]
Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts According to Jim soundtrack  [Hollywood 162513] [CD] 2005 [H]
Richard Berry   1959 [H]
Big Sandy Dedicated to You  [Hightone, 8092] [CD] 1998 [H]
Bikini Machine An Introduction to Bikini Machine 2003 [H]
The Black Keys The Moan [EP]   [H] Different version available on the CD "Thickfreakness."  Various live versions also available.
Bloco Vomit Play This Ya Bastard! [CD] 1999 [H]  CD also contains a version of Louie Louie
Blood Sausage Happy Little Bullshit Boy [Wiiija Records, WIJ 24 V] [10" EP] 1993 [H]
The Blue Van The Art of Rolling  [CD] 2005 [H]
Dan Bonow Original Rock n' Roll Organ Trio Wish [CD] 2006 [H]
The Brandos The Light of Day: The Single 1994 [H]
The Bresslaws I Only Asked  [CD]    
The Burners Mesmerization [Pony Records] [LP] 1987  
Mike Cahill HLWT b/w Lady Love  [Ford 112] [45] 1962  
Candyrag Plug It Up  [Dislocate, DIS0006] [7" EP] 2002 [H]  Punk version from the UK.
Simon Chardiet Bug Bite Daddy  [Upstart, CD 037] 1997 [H]
Crazyhead Desert Orchid 1988 [H]
The Credence Mothers The Credence Mothers [Discos Fono, LPF 103] [LP] 1970 [H] Mexican release.
Cryptones Teen Trash Vol. 1 2005 [H]
Jackie Curtiss HLWT b/w Home Again [Dynasty 626][45] 1959 unconfirmed
Ray Daytona And Googoobombos Great Expectations  [CD] (Mad Driver Records, MDR 18) 2001 Also in the 'Hole in the ground' 7".
Die Lokalmatadore Ein Leben Fur Die Armsten [D&S] [LP]    
Tav Falco’s Panther Burns Surfside Date + HLWT b/w Fun Mob [SFTRI 62] 198?  
The Flaming Sideburns Bama Lama Boogaloo! [CD] (Smokin' Troll, ST-12). 1997 CD Also contains a version of Louie Louie
Freedom Freedom at Last   [H]
The Fuzztones Boom; Lysergic Ejaculations, Live in Europe 1991; Live in Tel-Aviv    
The Gallahads HLWT b/w My Offering [Sea Crest 6005] [45] 1964 [H] Also on Doo-Wop Favorites by the Gallahads (Nite Owl 220) [CD]
Ian Gillan Gillan's Inn (Deluxe Tour Edition ) 2006 [H]
Green Hornets Samantha + Anytime At All b/w Stolen Car + HLWT  [Alopecia WIG003] 1995  
Thee Headcoatees Have Love Will Travel 1992 [H] Also on Taylor Meets Thee Headcoatees (1998)
The Hi-Frequencies H-F Pajama Party [Teen Regime Records, MSP-003] [CD] 2003 [H]
Hollywood Hurricanes Beaver Shot b/w HLWT  [Pr1ma 1009 (UK)] 1964  
Hot Boogie Chillun Sweets [Fury Records, FCD 3045] 1997 [H]
Tab Hunter Drink, Fuck & Drive [EP] 1996  
Hurry Down Sunshine Raw In Memphis [Fuzzy Records, Fz01] [CD] 1999 [H]
Imperialites HLWT b/w Let’s Get One  [Imperial X66015] 1964  
Michael Lee Jackson In a Heartbeat [immergent, 281124-2] [CD] 2006 [H] With Ian Gillian (from Deep Purple) on vocals
Knifedance Who Then Is Sane [Hit & Run Records] [12" EP] 1988 [H]
David Marks Work Tapes [CD] 2000 David Marks is a former member of the Beach Boys
The Marks-Clifford Band Live @ The Blue Dolphin '77 [DJM Records 0603] [CD] 1996 Also David Marks.  Need to conform if this is the same version as on the 2000 release.
Marshmallow Overcoats Try on the Marshmallow Overcoat/Inner Groove   [H]
Lee Maye HLWT b/w Loving Fool  [Jet Stream 735] 1964 [H] Also on The Soul of Wisconsin (Soul Magic, SO 1001) [CD].
Mezz She's to Die For [CD] [Fortune Records] 1993 [H]
The Mockers Smells Like Spain 1997 [H]
The Montesas Rockers . . . Shakers! [LP]    
The Neckers The Neckers [CD] [Sloth Records, SL0023]   [H] http://www.catch-and-release.org/neckers/merch.html
The New Original Sonic Sound The New Original Sonic Sound   [H]
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper Various Artists - Here Ain't the Sonics [Popllama/Estrus, PL-ES-CD0024] 1989 [H]
The No-Goods Two Of A Kind [CD] (Rock You Records) 2000  
The Nomads Showdown! 1994 [H]
Off-Beats HLWT b/w Doodlum  [Guyden 2101] 1964  
Olympic Sideburns Olympic Sideburns [Epitaph OSLP-1] 1985 [H] Australian band.
Pearl Harbour and the Explosions Here Comes Trouble 1995 [H]
Pinheads Pushin' Too Hard + Break on Through b/w HLWT [Garageland BF605 (US) and BF 604 (Sweden)] 1984 unconfirmed
The Portugal Japan The Portugal Japan [CD] 2005 [H]
Prophet HLWT b/w Blues in B-Sharp [UK 64] 1974 [H]
Purple Toads Purple Toads [Star Records, SR 005] [LP] 1986  
Paul Revere & The Raiders     [H]
Rock Mountain Fever     Brazilian band.  Demo CD?
Sano and the Saints Five Mercy Mercy b/w HLWT  [Pentagon PG-2001] 1966 Also on the compilation LP "Badger Beat Chronicles: Wisconsin Garage Punk Greats."
Segarini Vox Populi [LP] [Anthem ANR-1-1028] 1980 [H]
Shaking Dolls Odynerus Reniformis [7" EP] 1994 [H]
Sky Sunlight Saxon of the Seeds Pushin' Too Hard + HLWT b/w Gloria [7"][Cleopatra Records]   [H]
The Sonics Here Are The Sonics 1965 [H]  A live version is available on "Busy Body!!! Live In Tacoma 1964" [Norton] [2007]
Kentish Steele and the Shantelles Various Artists - Live! from the Grooveyard [New Syndrome, NSLM-1004] [LP] 1965 [H] Also on the CD-R "Rewind."  From Canada.
The Thing Garage [CD] 2006 [H]  Also available on: Various Artists - Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 05; and on the 'Have Love Will Travel b/w Art Star' 7" on the Smalltown Superjazzz label (limited edition of 300)
Lee Tillman Will Travel b/w If I Ever [45] [Ron, 341]   [H] same tune, different lyrics
Trash County Dominators Vinyl Album [LP] [Diablo (A Division Of Demon) Records, SORC 3] 1988  
Tumbleweed Hang Around [EP] 1995 [H]
Wayouts Take A Walk b/w HLWT  [J&T, JTR001] 2004 [H]  recorded 1985
Adam West HLWT b/w Cage (Zamarro)  [No Balls 043/310 (Germany)] [split 7"] 2004 [h]  HLWT recorded at Subsonic in Montpellier, France. 310 pressed total; 104 on clear with blue spots wax, 206 on black wax.  Also on the CD "Longshot Songs For Broke Players 2001-2004" [2006].

Note there are several other songs called "Have Love, Will Travel" but are by different composers:

Artist Album Composer Year Notes
Dana Never Gonna Fall in Love Again b/w HLWT [45] Geoff Stephens & Roger Greenaway 1976  
Dean Douglas HLWT b/w It's a Kind of a Party [Roulette 4210] Miller, Casey 1959 [H] Dean Douglas with Joe Reisman's Orchestra & Chorus
Rosie Jones Have Love Will Travel Harris Roosevelt Jones 1973  
Denise Keene and Happy  HLWT b/w Maori Love Song [Pye] Geoff Stephens & Roger Greenaway 1974 [H] Also on Puppets on a String: Songs of Eurovision [CD].
Bill Kirchen Have Love Will Travel [CD] Lee Hazlewood 1996 [H]
Hill Lamar Stick Around b/w HLWT [Taurus 103/104] [45] Hill Lamar    
Cody Michaels / Virtue Orchestra 7 Days, 52 Weeks a Year b/w HLWT [Grapevine, GRP 121] [45]      
Olivia Newton-John Long Live Love [LP] Geoff Stephens & Roger Greenaway 1974 [H]
Nolan Sisters (Won't You) Make a Little Sunshine Shine b/w HLWT [Target, TGT 103] Geoff Stephens & Roger Greenaway 1975  
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers The Last DJ [CD]; Live at The Olympic [DVD] Tom Petty 2002 [H]
Sonny Rhodes Out of Control [King Snake, KS-031] Smith, Greenlee 1996 [H]
The Sharps HLWT b/w Look At Me [Jamie 1108] [45] Lee Hazlewood 1958 [H] Featuring Duane Eddy on guitar.  Also on 78 rpm, and various compilations.
Sister Sledge HLWT b/w Thank You For Today [Cotillion 44202] Bobby Eli & Len Barry 1976 [H]
Marie Toland Have Love Will Travel [LP] Geoff Stephens & Roger Greenaway 1974  


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