Louie Louie Links

There are a number of excellent web sites related to Louie Louie.  Here are some of my favorites:

Louie Louie .Net - Eric Predoehl's site, with lots of excellent information about Louie Louie and the man who wrote it, Richard Berry.  This is also the place for information on his upcoming documentary entitled "The Meaning of Louie."

The Louie Louie Pages - Theo de Grood's site, with a very user-friendly Louie Louie discography, and a lot of other great information about the song.

Andy Land - Andy Martello's site, with a section dedicated to Louie Louie.

LouieFest - Annual music festival that includes an attempt to break the world record of the most guitarists playing Louie Louie.

LLAMAS - The Louie Louie Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society (currently hosted on this site)

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