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1983-03-27   Gallery Manchester, UK  
1983-04-07   Warehouse Leeds, UK  
1983-07-01   Dingwall's Hull, UK [H]
1983-08-28 Sister Ray / Louie Louie / Ghostrider Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland [H] "Napalm Gods" (KTS, KTS095) [CD]; "Possession" (Skeleton Songs Records, Skelet 030 [LP]; "Half Moon Over Amsterdam" (Condor Records) [LP]; "Beware The Ghost" (Trademark of Quality, TMQ72128) [LP - 500 copies]; "Louie Louie b/w Anaconda / Lights" [7"]
1984-04-07   Tin Can Club Birmingham, UK  
1984-05-29   Hunky Dory Detmold, Germany [o] "The Lights Shine Clear Through The Sodium Haze" (Merciful Release, SM 002) [LP]; Sister Ray (Rarities and Few, RFCD 1048) [CD - 1000 copies]
1984-06-03   Vera Soundcheck Groningen, Holland  
1984-06-05 (medley that includes LL) Doornroosje Nijmegen, Holland "Rough Diamonds" (Easy Flyte Records, Flyte 140) [LP]
1984-06-06   De Kapel Combi Maastricht, Holland  
1984-08-09   The Ritz New York, NY  
1984-10-06   Royal Court Theater Liverpool, UK  
1984-10-13 Knocking on Heaven's Door / Hey Joe / Purple Haze / Stairway to Heaven / Ghostrider / Louie Louie Manchester University Manchester, UK [H] "Echoes, Vol. II" (Live Life, LL CD 9211) [CD]; "Afterhours" [LP]
1984-11-08 (medley that includes LL) The Schlachof Bremen, Germany "Cryptic Flowers" (Metropol Records) [LP]; "Adult Movies" (Trademark of Quality, TMQ72113) [2 LP]
1984-11-16   Markthalle Hamburg, Germany  
1984-11-17   Odeon Munster, Germany  
1984-11-18   Zeche Bochum, Germany  
1985-03-09   Strathclyde University Glasgow, Scotland  
1985-03-16 (medley that includes LL) Leeds University Leeds, UK [H]"Ghostriders" (Takrl Records, 1402) [LP]; "Tune In ... Turn Off ... Burn Out" [LP]
1985-03-28   Mr. Keisa's Leicester, UK  
1985-03-31   Studio Bristol, UK  
1985-04-01   Top Rank Brighton, UK [H] "Through the Years" [3 LP box set]
1985-06-07   The Ritz New York, NY  
1985-06-18 Ghostrider / Louie Louie Royal Albert Hall London, UK [H] "Holocaust" (KTS, KTS097) [CD]; "Blood Money" (S.O.M., 666) [LP]; "Brimstone and Treacle" [7"]; "The Quality of Mercy" [LP].  This is their last show before they broke up.
1992-06-29   Pukkelpop Festival Hasselt, Belgium  
1997-07-20   Supercrash Festival Rendsburg, Germany  

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