Brother Louie

The song "Brother Louie" was written by Errol Brown and Anthony Wilson of Hot Chocolate.  It was a minor hit for that band and a major hit for The Stories.  This song is not Louie Louie, but is often confused with it.  However, some have suggested that the song is closely related.  For example, the noted rock journalist Dave Marsh has made the connection in two of his books -- in The Heart of Rock & Soul he refers to ‘Brother Louie’ as “an updated version of the ‘Louie Louie’ myth,” and in Louie Louie as “one of the truest heirs Richard Berry’s ‘Louie Louie’ ever had.”

Artist Song Name Album Year Notes
Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra Brother Louie Heat [LP]   [N]
Arabia Brother Louie 1001 Nights 2004 [H]
Avid Music Brother Louie All Time Greatest Disco Karaoke 2001 [n]
Roy Ayers Brother Louie Virgo Red 1973 [H]
Barbarian Lovers Brother Louie Dancing in Dreams 1992 [H]
Jim Basnight Brother Louie Recovery Room 2004 [N]
Beckett Brother Louie Beckett 1991 [H]
Bon Jovi Brother Louie Keep The Faith [VHS]   live version that also appears on various bootlegs.  [N]
The Drifters Brother Louie     [H]
Max Dryrock Louie, Louie (progressive mix) Brother Louie (12" single)   [N]
Claude Francois Dis-Lui Pour Moi   1973 [H]
Les Getrex Louie Louie Fall In Love 2000 [H]
Lisa Guyer Band Brother Louie Gypsy Girl [Omnipotent Music Group, SR-11113] 1997 [H]
Bert Heerink Julie July Storm na de Stilte [CNR Music, 2001995] 1995 [H]  Julie July is Dutch rewrite of Brother Louie.  Also released as a CD single [CNR Music, 2002181]
Hot Chocolate Brother Louie Cicero Park [LP]   [H]
Hound Dog Brother Louie Tender Night . . . and Seated 1999  
Ronnie Jones Brother Louie Fox on the Run   [H]
Jacques Kloes Brother Louie Geronimos Cadillac b/w Brother Louie (WEA 18 269) [45] 1980 [H] Dutch 
Lane Change Brother Louie Into the Vortex 2001 [H]
James Last Orchestra Brother Louie James Last Non-Stop Dancing 1974 [LP] [Polydor 2371 444] 1974  
Louie Louie Brother Louie Let's Get Started 1993 [H]
Matumbi Brother Louie     [H]
Brandy Moss-Scott Brother Louie     [H]
Peter Nero Brother Louie Disco, Dance and Love Themes of the 70's (Arista AL 4034) [LP] 1975 [H]
Newcity Rockers Brother Louie     [H]
The Overwhelming Majority Brother Louie The Overwhelming Majority 2004 [H]
Pettersson Brass (Petri Pettersson) Louie Louie Louie Louie b/w Supermies (Scandia KS 918) [45] 1974 Finnish  [N]
The Quireboys Brother Louie Bitter Sweet & Twisted 1993 [H]  aka The London Quireboys
Red Point Brother Louie Brother Louie (Louie Louie) (12" single) 1983 [H]
Rikki Ricardo Brother Louie I'm So Thankful 2002 [H]
The Saragossa Band Brother Louie Das Super Zazazabadak   [N]
Scarecrow Brother Louie   1991 [H]
The Scarlet Brother Louie Still First [CD] [Intercord Japan, TOCP-4081] 1997 [H]
Siegler Brother Louie Various Artists - 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions! [Pravda Records, PR63-42] 1992 [H]
Sonny & Cher Brother Louie Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (episode 65) 1974 [H]
Stories Brother Louie About Us [LP] 1973 [H]
Andy Susemihl Brother Louie Life Among the Roaches [Gen Attack, 126218]   [H]
The Undisputed Truth Brother Louie Down to Earth [LP] 1974 [H]  Re-issued on the CD "Nova Classics One" [Nova Records, 2000]

There is another song called "Brother Louie," written by Dieter Bolan of the band Modern Talking.  It was a hit for that band, and there have been several subsequent cover versions recorded.

Artist Song Name Album Year Notes
Luis Manuel Chamo-me Luis   1986  
Modern Talking Brother Louie Ready for Romance 1986  
Peace Brothers Brother Louie Louie Black Jack   [H]  Song credited to "R. Berry & D. Bohlan" D. Bohlan is presumably Dieter Bohlan of Modern Talking.  There are clearly parts of Modern Talking's "Brother Louie," but there is no hint of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie."


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