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For Louie Louie collectors, an occasional source of disappointment is to find a recording called "Louie Louie" (or something very similar) that you've never seen before, only to find out that it is an entirely different song altogether.  Here is a list of such songs.  Note that there are many, many other songs that have "Louie" (or some variation thereof) in the title, and this list does not include all of those - just those that are identical or so similar to "Louie Louie" that you might assume it is the same song.

Artist Song Name Album Year Notes
The Pretenders Louie Louie Pretenders II   Ends with "Let's get on out of here now, Let's go!" as an intentional tribute to the real "Louie Louie."
Louie Rankin Louie Louie Lethal Weapon 1993 Some references to the original "Brother Louie" in the chorus.
Bligg 'n' Lexx Louie Louie Nahdisna   German rap.
Les Getrex Louie Louie Fall In Love 2000 This is actually a version of "Brother Louie"
Max Dryrock Louie, Louie (progressive mix) Brother Louie (12" single)   This is actually a version of "Brother Louie"
Emily & Tom Louie Louie      
Bad Manners Louie Louie   1985  
Sons of Ishmael Louie Louie Sons of Ishmael Sing Generic Crap 1990  
De Sufgerutke Wallies Louie Louie Paterpiopriester   Czech Republic group
Christian Borée Louie Louie pt. 1      
Soul Capsule Prod Louie Louie pt. 1 & Louie Louie pt. 2 Las Ramblas (12" single)    
Fastball Lou-ee, Lou-ee Keep Your Wig On 2004  
Buddy Hackett Louey Louey     song about a dog
Mystic Prowler Lui Lui A Tribute to T'dad Greats    
H.B. & the Checkmates Louise Louise   1964 Written as a tribute or perhaps sequel to Louie Louie
Silver Tones Louise Louise     Different song than the H.B. & the Checkmates song.  Blues tune.
Henry Lee Summer Louie Louie Louie I've Got Everything    
Orietta Berti Lui Lui Lui   1969  
Starshooter Louis Louis Louis   1980  
The Peace Brothers Brother Louie Louie Black Jack   Song credited to "R. Berry & D. Bohlan" D. Bohlan is presumably Dieter Bohlan of Modern Talking.  There are clearly parts of Modern Talking's "Brother Louie," but strangely, there is no hint of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie."
The Modern Mandolin Quartet The Louie Louie Variations Pan American Journeys 1993 Composed by Phillip Kent Bimstein. From the liner notes: "This fantasy is loosely based on the I-IV-V chord progression of classic rock songs like 'Louie Louie,' one that has truly taken its place in American rock folklore." Any connection to the real Louie Louie is far too tenuous for this to be considered anything but a different song altogether.


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