The Ubiquitous "Countdown Media"
Version of Louie Louie

As part of trying to collect or document the more than 2,000 different recordings of Louie Louie, one occasionally comes across versions by unknown studio musicians.  These are often found on exercise tapes, karaoke recordings (some of which contain both vocal and instrumental versions), or inexpensive compilations containing cover versions of popular songs.   In some cases, these recordings do not name an artist at all.  In other cases, a band name is given, usually in small print somewhere on the back, but no individual musicians are identified. 

Among these recordings, one version seems to appear over and over again, but under several different band names.  Among these band names are The Beat Street Band, Flavor, The Hit Crew, The House of Fun All-Stars, The Celebrity All-Star Jam, the Countdown Singers, and the Countdown Players.  However, despite the different band names, these are not different versions.  In fact, as shown in the chart below, this single version has appeared on a dozen different CDs (and probably many more) under at least seven different band names. 

Credited Artist Name Album Title Label Catalog # Date
Flavor Shout! Rock 'n' Roll Party Hits [LP] Compose 9201-2 1989
The Beat Street Band Music from the Television Series China Beach Special Music Co. SCD-4942 1991
The Celebrity All-Star Jam Hot Jock Stadium Rock PDC Music 10782 1998
The House of Fun All-Stars Ultimate Party Twin Pack Music Double Play 4031 1998
Countdown Players 16 Absolute Rock Jams BMG 75517449732 1999
[uncredited] Drew's Famous Times Square Party Music Turn Up the Music, Inc. TUTM 1119-2 1999
The Hit Crew DJ's Choice: It's Party Time! Turn Up the Music, Inc. TUTM 1148-2 2000
The Hit Crew Drew's Famous New Year's Party Music Turn Up the Music, Inc. TUTM 1212-2 2000
The Hit Crew Drew's Famous 30 Greatest One Hit Wonders, disc 2 Turn Up the Music, Inc. TUTM 1321-2 2002
The Hit Crew Drew's Famous Pub Hits Turn Up the Music, Inc.   2002
Countdown Singers Karaoke Party! Rock & Roll Classics Madacy MKP2 5753 2003
The Hit Crew Live DJ Party Music Turn Up the Music, Inc. TUTM 2152 2005
Graham Blvd Rock & Roll 60s, 1963 Vol.3 [digital download] Suite 102 ASIN: B001BV5PI4 2008
Knightsbridge Travelling Songs  [digital download]     2009
Count Dee's Hit Explosion One Hit Wonders Of The 60s Vol. 2  [digital download]     2009

The owner of this recording is a company called Countdown Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Madacy Entertainment.  As described on its website, "Countdown Media, with offices in Hamburg, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee, USA, has been the world's leading supplier of high quality cover music recordings for over 25 years."  This company licenses their recording for inclusion on various CDs and tapes, and for television commercials, film soundtracks, and other uses.

I've also found two other versions of the the song that also appears on inexpensive compilations of cover songs, attributed to different band names.   

Credited Artist Name Album Title Label Catalog # Date
The Groove Machine Sizzling Classics St. Clair PTY12872 2006
The Quality Singers Happy Birthday Direct Source Label ASIN: B0009MAOTG 2005
uncredited   iBackTracks / Just Music Tracks (JMT) J-002739  
Pop Feast 1960's Vol. 1 (& Vol. 3) [download only] White Parrot / One Media Publishing ASIN: B001R21S06 2009
The Hit Co. Toga Party [download only] Planet Music ASIN: B001L2DHGU 2008
The Hit Co. / Hit Masters Stadium Smash Hits Planet Music ASIN: B001E4SWFG 2008

And here is a very short version (31 seconds) that appears on two identical albums, credited to two different artists.

Credited Artist Name Album Title Label Catalog # Date
Maximum Party Band Saustark II: Non-Stop Party Sound Tyrostar (Austria) CD 777 079  
Jim Harrison Band Ultimate 80's Party Mega Hits vol. 2 [download only] Music4License ASIN: B001L2FBX2 2008

According the the liner notes on the Maximum Party Band CD, the tracks were licensed by Gama Musikverlags GmbH, were produced for Gama by Jean-Pierre Garattoni at Neckarsound Studios (Tübingen, Germany), and were recorded and mixed by Gerd Waiblinger.  Note: the Maximum Party Band album is also available as an mp3 download on under the title "Volume 2" (Music4License, 2004, ASIN: B0011XEQ64).

I'd still like to find out who the actual musicians are that recorded these versions.  Also, I'd like to make these lists as complete as possible.  So if you think you know of another appearance of either of these versions, or have any other information about them, please let me know.

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